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Sample Letter #1
I don't think I express my appreciation to you often enough for
having given me so many happy years, so I've decided to write this
letter--an anniversary card just doesn't say enough. This way I can
sit down and gather my thoughts together and present them to you
with a small token of my love. I know you've always enjoyed Gilbert
& Sullivan musical comedies, so I've purchased tickets for us to see
"The Pirates of Penzance" on Saturday evening. I believe that's one
we saw when we started dating so many years ago. We were always
going to musicals and plays back then. I remember that "A
Midsummer Night's Dream" was your favorite Shakespearean
comedy. After we were married, though, our children started arriving
quickly and our theater-going days diminished rapidly.
I don't think that either one of us minded too much, though,
because our kids always seemed to provide enough entertainment
of their own. How I admired your parenting skills through the years!
I still don't know