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National Five-year Strategic Plan
on Water Supply,
Sanitation and Hygiene

Outcome of Two Consultation meetings for Development of
Five-year Strategic Plan on WASH held on (1-2-2012) and
(8-2-2012) to (9-2-2012)

Environmental Sanitation Division
February, 2012

Department of Health

Executive Summary
Currently, around 82.3% of the population in the Republic of
the Union of Myanmar have use of improved water supply, while 84.6%
have access to improved sanitation (sanitary means of excreta disposal).
However, there are wide disparities in coverage between different States or
Regions of the Republic of Union of Myanmar, and similarly between rural
and urban areas in both use to improved water supply and access to
improved sanitation. On average only 53% of rural schools have a water
supply, and in some townships this coverage figure is as low as 10%. It is
also the case that improved water supply does not necessarily imply
improved water supply. The continued sporadic outbre