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Category: Education
(What you want to achieve in 5 years)
I want to speak and read Japanese with moderate to full fluency.
Personal Audit
(Your skills, knowledge, or experience relating to goal)
I love Japanese culture (anime, films, food)
I know basic greetings
I visited Tokyo for 2 weeks and have a strong desire to live there
I am excellent at picking up languages
(Smaller goals that will help you achieve your main goal)
Take online classes and download learning apps
Learn Hiragana alphabet and phonetic sounds
Learn Katakana alphabet and phonetic sounds
Learn Kanji alphabet and phonetic sounds
Read beginner-level Japanese language stories and books
Listen to Japanese music
Watch Japanese television and films (with Japanese subtitles)
(Things you have that will help you achieve your objectives)
Internet access and smartphone for language-learning app
Money for practice workbooks and online courses
Free weeknights for studying
A friend who lives in Japan (Sam)