Free 5 year plan template 17Free 5 year plan template 17Free 5 year plan template 17
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The Five-Year Plan
Creating a Plan for You and Your Family
Each person, couple, and family are unique and therefore, the format of our five-year plans
make look a bit different. While many of us may like the short and sweet bullet pointed plan
format, others may prefer to create a sort of simplistic mission statement for each year that
promotes a purposeful focus. Others still may embrace a visual style and might want to create
a vision board.
Keep in mind that the attached five-year plan PDF is to serve only a springboard for your
praying and dream and discussing!

1. Dream Together
As a couple, dreaming is one of the most important things you can do together.
Everyone knows how to dream. Before you got married, you dreamed about what your life would
be like, where you would live, what you would be doing, and how many kids you would have.

Dreaming and planning is the first step to getting a vision and setting goals that you can share,
get in agreement on, and work toward together to