Free 5 year plan template 11Free 5 year plan template 11
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What is your idea of success in your chosen field?
Starting a company?
Opening a restaurant?
Turning your passion into a career?
Personal Audit
What skills, knowledge, or experience do you possess that relates to your chosen field?
Short-term Goals
What smaller objectives need to be completed in order to achieve your macro-goal?
Timeline for Goals
What is a realistic schedule to achieve each smaller goal? Include daily, weekly, monthly, and
yearly time-frames.
Skills and Resources
What skills/resources do you have that will help you achieve your objectives?
List any known or potential obstacles that might hinder your ability to complete your objectives.
Include different categories with specific goals like the ones below.
List them in order of significance to help you allocate your time and resources more efficiently.
Break each category down and expand on the same items listed above
(smaller objectives, resources, obstacles, timelines).