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Career: Writer
(Your main goal to be achieved in 5 years)
I want to be a sci-fi novelist with a book coming out every 18 months to 2 years.
Personal Audit
(Your skills, knowledge, or experience relating to chosen field)
I’m an excellent writer with an expansive vocabulary
I love science fiction and creating alternate worlds
I know how to craft a story with interesting arcs and plot twists
I know how to write interesting, multi-faceted characters
I have written over 20 long essays and short stories (half published in literary journals)
I have written a contest-winning science fiction novella
Short-term Goals
(Realistic daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly deadlines for each objective)
Writing and editing every day
Expanding my vocabulary and knowledge about writing science fiction
Attending writing conferences and workshops
Establishing a group of trusted readers
Finding a literary agent
Pitching manuscript to publishers
Timeline for Goals
(Schedule to achieve smaller goals)