Free 5 year plan template 01Free 5 year plan template 01Free 5 year plan template 01
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Lodge Five Year Plan – Suggested Template

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This document provides a suggested template to assist Lodges in developing a ‘Five Year Plan’.
It’s purpose is to set out the objectives and timescales for Lodge initiatives aimed at developing an
d maintaining a healthy ‘masonic environment’ in which members can enjoy their Masonry, in the
full knowledge that the Lodge has a secure plan for it’s future.
It is important that all Lodges create an environment within which members are made to feel welc
ome and have confidence that senior members of the Lodge understand and take into account thei
r Masonic aspirations.

The template is designed to encourage discussion over a number of areas which may previously have
been left to chance and to remind brethren that the Lodge is constantly changing and needs to be m
anaged in a planned manner in order to thrive.
It is suggested that a small committee is formed, chaired by the WM and including Lodge Wardens i