Free rent increase letter 38Free rent increase letter 38
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Notice of Rent Increase
– Residential Rental Units
FORM DIRECTIONS: If you are accessing this agreement from the B.C. Government Web site, it can be filled out at the computer workstation. It
can also be printed and completed by hand. If completing sections by hand, please print clearly, using dark ink. If you are completing this form at
a computer, simply type in your response in the boxes. If you cannot complete all the sections at the computer right away, you can print off what
you have completed, and fill in the remaining fields by hand. It’s important to note that you cannot save the completed form to your computer,
therefore, after you complete the form, make sure you review the form for accuracy and print the number of copies you require before you leave
the document or shut down the program/computer.

This form is used by the landlord to notify a tenant of a rent increase. The landlord must give the tenant at least
three months notice. See page 2 for further information.