Free rent increase letter 37Free rent increase letter 37
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Notice of Rent Increase
Only tenancies that started prior to January 1, 2017 are eligible for the 2018 AGA increase.

30-Day Notice

60-Day Notice

(If increase is 10% or less)
(If increase is above 10%)
Tenant's name(s):___________________________________________________

Unit No._______, Berkeley, CA. 947___

The 2018 AGA Order allows for adjustment of your rent ceiling by up to


You are currently paying $_______________ per month
Your rent will increase by $_______________ per month
Your new rent will be $_________________ per month, effective ________________ (date)

Your new rent reflects:
The 2018 rent ceiling*


Check one

An amount that is less than the 2018 rent ceiling.
The optional $11 temporary pass-through.
(For tenancies that began prior to January 1, 1999)


Owner/Agent Name

Owner/Agent Signature

Landlords may not evict tenants except for good cause and with proper legal notice a