Free rent increase letter 30
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TO: ____________________________
1. Purpose of Notice: This Notice is to inform the Tenant that the Landlord
___________________ will be increasing the Tenant’s rent. Beginning on,
_____________ , the monthly rent for for your rental located at,
_________________________________ , will be increased to
_______________ per month. The Tenant’s current tenancy will be
terminated on _____________ as per the term of the current lease
The new lease is being offered at monthly rate of ______________ .
All changes can be found in the Tenant’s new lease agreement.
2. Termination of Tenancy: The Tenant’s current tenancy will expire on
_____________ . If the Tenant does not agree to rent the unit at the increased
monthly rental price, the Tenant and all occupants of the unit must vacate the
unit by _____________. All standard move-out procedures apply as the rental
will be free of damages and broom-swept clean in order to receive