Free rent increase letter 28Free rent increase letter 28
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Notice of Rent Review
To: [Insert Name of Tenant(s)]
1. A review of the rent under the tenancy of your dwelling has been carried out and a new rent
has been set on foot of that review. The amount of the new rent is [state amount of the
new rent].
2. The new rent shall have effect from [state date from which the new rent is to have effect].
3. Any dispute in relation to the setting of a rent pursuant to a review of the rent under a
tenancy must be referred to the Residential Tenancies Board under Part 6 of the Residential
Tenancies Act 2004 before(i) [insert date from which the new rent is to have effect]
(ii) the expiry of 28 days from the receipt by you of this notice,
whichever is the later.
4. I, [insert name of landlord], state that in my opinion the new rent is not greater than the
market rent, having regard to the other terms of the tenancy, and letting values of dwellings
of a similar size, type and character to the dwelling that is the subject of this tenancy, and
situated i