Free rent increase letter 12
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Sample Friendly Rent Increase
This is a much more friendly, usable version of
the same template skeleton:
___________RE: Notice of rent increase
Date: _________
Dear ________ (tenant):
I would like to take a minute to let you know exactly how much
I value you as a tenant. It can be hard to find such model
tenants. Unfortunately, I have experienced some unexpected
expenses with the property and am forced to raise the rent
You current lease will be officially terminated on _______
(date). The new rent will be _______(price) after that date.
Should you wish to continue renting either on a monthly basis or
by a longer agreement, this new rate is required.
Again, thank you for being such a wonderful tenant. I hope that
you will continue to be a tenant at ______ (address). If you have
any questions, please feel free to call me at ________(phone
________ (Landlord’s signature)
________ (Landlord’s printed name)