Free rent increase letter 17Free rent increase letter 17
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Landlord Rent Increase Letter
Date of Notice
From: Landlord Name, Address and Telephone Number
Tenant(s) Name
Address of Rental Unit
As you know, your lease on the referenced property will expire on (date). You have been
great tenants and your care of the property and prompt rental payments are greatly
Find a new Lease Agreement attached to this Notice of Rent Increase that will extend your
rental term for a period of (amount of time for new lease). Should you decide to extend
your lease, this notice informs you that, effective (insert the new lease beginning
date), your rent will be increased to (amount of new rent) and will be due (date rent
is due).
All other terms of the Lease Agreement will remain in full force and effect (or insert any
changes here).
This rental increase is necessary due to (reason for increase).
Please sign and return both the attached Notice of Rent Increase and Lease Agreement to
our office at the address shown above by (date by which lease should