Free rent increase letter 11Free rent increase letter 11
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Notice to Tenant of Rent Increase (Fixed Term Tenancy)
and/or Security Deposit Increase
(By Landlord / Agent)
Please complete this form using BLOCK LETTERS

To: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms
(name of tenant)

I hereby give you notice of an increase in rent in relation to the premises at:

Date of increase:

___ / ___ / ___

Your new rent will be

$ ________________________

This increase is being applied and has been calculated in accordance with clause ________ of the tenancy agreement signed
on ____ / ____ / ____.
The amount of security deposit held in respect of this tenancy will increase to: $_______________
You are therefore required to pay an amount of $_____________ to increase your security deposit.

Service of Notice
This Notice was given on ____/____/_____ by:

Personally handing to the tenant
Mailing it to the tenant
____ / ____ / ____

(Signature of Party Giving the Notice)

(Date Issued)

The tenant must receive at least 30