Free rent increase letter 07
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[Tenant’s name]
[Tenant’s address 1]
[Tenant’s address 2]

Dear [name/s]
Tenancy at: [Enter tenancy address]
This letter serves as a notice of rent increase for the tenancy at the above address.
The new weekly rental will be [Enter amount here] and will be payable from [Enter date –
Service time, and not less than 60 days* from but not including today].
The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 requires me to give you not less than 60 days notice of a
rent increase.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Yours sincerely

[Landlord’s name]
* Delivery:
By (tick):
mail (*allow 4 extra working days)
placed into letterbox or attached to the door (* allow 2 extra working days)
Sent via email or faxed to tenant after 5pm (*allow 1 extra working day)
hand to tenant, sent via email or faxed before 5pm on the date of the notice
(the first day of the notice period will be the next calendar day)

If the tenancy agreement is for a fixed term, a lan