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2019 Online Form

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Notice of Mobile Home Park Lot Rent Increase
Today’s Date

Dear Leaseholder(s):

This form tells you about an increase in your mobile home park lot rent including your right to dispute certain
increases and is required by Vermont law. 10 VSA Section 6251. It consists of two pages: “Notice of Mobile Home Park
Lot Rent Increase” and “Lot Rent Increase Worksheet”. Failure to give proper notice on this form render the increase
invalid and unenforceable. If you have questions about this increase, please contact the park owner or manager. For
questions about your rights, contact the Department of Housing and Community Development at the address or phone
number on the bottom of this page.
1. Name of Mobile Home Park


2. Park Owner


Address of Owner
3. Effective


Zip Code

, 2019 your Lot Rent is increasing by $0.00.00 (worksheet line 6), and your New Payment

will be $0.00.00 (worksheet line 9). This is an increase of !Zero Divide