Free Quit Claim Deed Template 04Free Quit Claim Deed Template 04
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The Grantor(s)
Whose address is
Conveys and
Quit Claims to
Whose address is
Real Estate situated in the Township of
and State of Michigan, to wit:

, County of Lapeer

More commonly known as:
Tax Item Number:
For the consideration of
Subject to easements and building and use restrictions of record.
If the land being conveyed is unplatted, the following is deemed to be included: “This
property may be located with the vicinity of farmland or farm operation. Generally

accepted agricultural and management practices which may generate noise, dust,
odors, and other associated conditions may be used and are protected by the Michigan
Right to Farm Act.”
Signed in the presence of:

Signed by:

State of Michigan
County of
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ____ day of _________,
20___ by
Notary Public,
______________County, Michigan
My commission expires: _____________