Free property management agreement 31Free property management agreement 31Free property management agreement 31
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Residential Property Management Service Agreement
BETWEEN: Sutton Medallion Realty

(The “Manager”)

(The “Owner”)
A. The Owner

is the owner of the property municipally known as:

(Hereinafter called the “Property”)
B.The Manager is a company, duly incorporated under the laws of the Province
of British Columbia, which operates a property management business;
C. The Owner desires to have the Manager manage the Property and the
Manager has agreed to accept such appointment as agent of the Owner;

IN CONSIDERATION of the premises and the mutual covenants contained in this
agreement and other good and valuable consideration, the Owner appoints the
Manager and Manager accepts this appointment as managing agent for the
Owner of the Property on the terms and conditions as set forth:

The term of this agreement shall extend from
for a period
of one year (the “Term”) and thereafter shall continue in full force and effect from
year to year unless termi