Free property management agreement 17Free property management agreement 17Free property management agreement 17
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THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between _____________________
(hereinafter “owner) and ____________________ (hereinafter “Manager”) for the
mutual purpose of the management and operation of ______________________
(hereinafter the “Property”), more fully described as follows:
(Legal or other description of Property)
In furtherance of this Agreement, Owner and Manager hereby agree to the
following terms and conditions (hereinafter captioned as “Articles”):
Article 1.

Collection of Rents and Payment of Accounts.

Manager shall negotiate and contract for the rental of the Property and shall
collect rents due and provide receipts for same to Owner no later than the 15th of
the month in which rents are collected. Manager is appointed and shall act as
the lawful agent of Owner to do any and all things legally required to collect rents
or other monies due and payable to the Owner of the Property. Manager shall
make all necessary and proper disbursements regarding