Free property management agreement 18Free property management agreement 18
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This Agreement is made and entered into this _____ day of
____________, 20__, between ______________________________ (Owner),
and _______________________________,
Owner hereby employs the services of Manager to manage, operate,
control, rent and lease the following described property:
Responsibilities of Manager.
Owner hereby appoints Manager as his lawful agent and attorney-infact with full authority to do any and all lawful things necessary for
the fulfillment of this Agreement, including the following:
1. To collect all rents as they become due, giving receipts therefore
and to render to Owner a monthly accounting of rents received and
expenses paid out; and to remit to Owner all income, less any sums
paid out.
2. To make or cause to be made all decorating, maintenance,
alterations and repairs to the property and to hire and supervise all
employees and other labor for the accomplishment of same.
3. To advertise the property and display signs