Free property management agreement 12Free property management agreement 12Free property management agreement 12
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Property Management Agreement between
St Leger Homes of Doncaster
hereafter, referred to as the Agent

hereafter, referred to as Landlord

The Landlord agrees to appoint the Agent, to act for him/her in managing the
property known as:
hereafter, referred
to as the Property. The agreement is in effect from
for a period of

months and agrees to the terms and conditions.

Service Level required:- Bronze / Silver / Gold
This agreement may be terminated by either party by giving notice in writing
to the other party. Once the property is tenanted by a tenant introduced by
the Agent six months notice in writing must be given by the Landlord to the
The Landlord confirms:
In order for the agent to manage the property the Landlord must obtain
permission to let from the Building Society or Mortgagee and provide
evidence to the Agent.
The Landlord must inform his insurance company of his/her intention to let the
property as failure to do