Free property management agreement 02Free property management agreement 02Free property management agreement 02
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Sample Rental Housing Property
Management Agreement
About this Tool
This sample agreement is intended for use by a property owner to contract with
a management company to operate a rent- and income-restricted rental
housing property as an agent of the property owner.

How to Adapt this Document:
It is recommended that a property owner and attorney carefully review any
management agreement prior to engaging a property management company. The
property management company selected will undoubtedly have a standard form of
management agreement. It is advisable to compare it to other sample forms such as
this one and use qualified legal counsel to select a form of agreement that meets the
particular requirements of a specific rental housing property—including income and
rent restrictions—and describes management policies that comply with applicable
federal, state and local laws.
Within this sample documents are notes and instructions in brackets with italic
type. These should be