Free notice to vacate 49
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I / We __________________________________________________________________________
Being Tenant/s of _________________________________________________________________
Our/My Forwarding Address is _______________________________________________________
Option 1
q In accordance with Residential Tenancies Act (1997), herby give Twenty-Eight (28) Days
Notice to Vacate the abovementioned premises upon the expiration of our Lease, being
___________________. Actual Vacate date being ________________ .
I/We hereby understand that I/We are liable for 28 Days rent from the date at which you
receive and acknowledge this Notice, even if I physically vacate the property prior to this date.
Option 2
q I/We hererby wish to ‘Break our Lease’ at the above mentioned Property.
I/We hereby understand that I/We are liable for all cost associated with Breaking our Lease,
* Rent up to and until day New Tenant Lease Commences
* All costs incurred by the landlord in re-letting th