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Property Management
I / We
Rental Property Address

Hereby give ELDERS REAL ESTATE notice to vacate the premises in accordance with the following:
(Please tick box that is applicable)
Ending a non-fixed term agreement
I / We hereby give 14 days notice to vacate the premises
Vacating at the end of a fixed term agreement
1 / We will vacate the premises at the expiry of our current fixed term lease
Breaking a fixed term agreement
I / We wish to break a fixed term agreement; however I / We are fully aware that the following
costs will be incurred-:

Rent until a tenant approved by the landlord takes possession, or the lease expires


Re-letting fees and advertising costs to re-let the premises


Should the premises be vacant before a new tenant is secured, I / We understand it is my /
our responsibility to ensure the grounds are adequately watered and maintained for
this period.

Date of Vacating ____ / ____ / ________
Forwarding Postal Address: