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Date: _____________

The Edwards Companies, LLC (TEC)

From: (Resident Names): ___________________________________________________
Notice for property located at (address): __________________________________
As resident(s) of the above-referenced premises, you are hereby notified that
I/We have elected not to renew the lease of the premises and hereby give a
______ day notice (prior to agreed upon Lease End Date) and intend to vacate the premises
on the date of ____________. The reason for termination is ___________________________


I/We understand that a 60-day notice to vacateis required by our lease agreement. I/we acknowledge
that any information incorrectly entered by Resident(s) herein will be subject to the terms of the signed
Lease agreement. All Dates and conditions provided in the Lease agreement will apply accordingly.
I/We understand rent is due until the end of our executed and agreed upon Lease term. I/We understand
that, as ag