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R # ____________


Date Received: ____________

Property Address: _______________________________________

Received By: ____________

It is understood that a 30-day notice runs from the 1st to the 30th/31st of a month and any notice received by landlord after the last
day of the month will require payment of rent for a full additional month. If the last day falls on a Federal Holiday or a Sunday, then
the notice must be received before the close of business of the last business day prior to the Federal holiday or Sunday.

To Aaims Property Management, Inc:
Please accept this as my notice to terminate my tenancy, to include ALL OCCUPANTS, at the above-mentioned property. I
understand that this notice must be delivered to Aaims Property Management, Inc., on or before the first day of the month I
intend to move. I understand that the rent for the entire month must be paid in full regardless of the date I move. If there is any
extension into the next month I understand I w