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(List all adult occupants)
(Address, Apt #, City, State, Zip Code)
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that at the expiration of thirty (30) days after service upon you of this
Notice, Residents will vacate the subject premises, removing all persons and personal belongings
and returning the keys to the Landlord. Subletting is not permitted. This Notice shall serve to
terminate the tenancy effective thirty days after receipt of this Notice by the Landlord.
It is understood that this Notice is required and that, except as provided by law, rent shall be
due and payable to and including the date of termination or thirty (30) days after service of this Notice
upon the Landlord. Resident’s security deposit, if any, may not be used as last month’s rent.
After all possessions are removed from the unit, the Resident shall notify the Landlord and
return the keys. Once all occupants have vacated the unit, Landlord shall account for the securit