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Tenant’s Notice of Intent to Vacate
California Civil Code § 1946
Leased Premises:

Unit #:


State:_______ Zip:

Please take notice that all Residents stated above and all other occupants will be terminating the tenancy and vacating the
Premises on or before
, 20
(“Termination Date”)
Residents understand that Premises must be fully vacated (persons and property) and all keys returned to Owner/Agent or
Resident will remain liable for all rent and other terms of the rental agreement until actual possession of the Premises is
given to Owner/Agent. This Notice is meant to be a formal written Notice of Intent to Vacate as required by California Civil
Code Section 1946 and/or pursuant to the terms of the rental agreement between Residents and Owner/Agent. As such, said
Termination Date constitutes a firm date that Owner/Agent can rely upon to be returned possession of the Premises.
Owner/Agent may use this Termination Date to pursue Owner/Agent’s legal remedie