Free notice to vacate 11
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Today’s Date
Property Address
Tenant/s Names
Vacate Date
Vacate Reason

Current Contact Details
Work Phone no.
Mobile no.
Email Address

Bank Account Details for Bond Refund Note: If you have a bond account with the rental bond board, we are unable to modify your account details.
Name of Account
Account Number

Please Initial to Acknowledge the Following:
An outgoing inspection will be conducted within reasonable time and extra rent charged if keys are not
received before 10am on the vacate date.
Tenants have received a copy of the final inspection guide and will use this to prepare the premise for
the final inspection.
It is the tenant’s responsibility to book an appointment time for the final inspection at least three (3) days
prior to the vacating date. Should tenants not nominate an allocated time our Tenancy Manager is
therefore authorised to conduct the final inspection.
Where applicable the water meter will be read and the final account calculated.