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Today’s date: ___________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Notice to Terminate Lease and Vacate Leased Premises: The lease contract for the above premises ends on ______________________
(please refer to your lease or latest renewal for the date); we understand that we are responsible for payment of the rent until at least this date.
We will be physically vacating the leased premises on _______________________ and we authorize Monroe Properties to access the premises,
remove any abandoned property, and prepare them for re-rental as of such date.
Security Deposit : We understand that we are to pay our last month’s rent, and that the purpose of our security deposit is to satisfy any damages
or unpaid balances at the end of our tenancy. The security deposit will be refunded in equal parts to those individuals check-marked in the
signature-box below.
If moving early and re-renting to anothe