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Giving Your Tenant Notice to Vacate
(Do not use this form letter if your tenant owns his or her mobile
home and rents only the lot it sits on from you.)
Note: Use these instructions and form letter to write a letter to the tenant. The
letter will give notice to the tenant to vacate the rental. Vacate means move
These instructions and form notice letter may not be right for your case. They
cannot take the place of advice from a lawyer. Talk to a lawyer if you have
any questions.
Do not change this form letter. If you change the form letter, you might lose
language you need.
Do not use these instructions and form letter if you rent only a mobile home lot
to the tenant, or if the tenant has a federal rent subsidy such as Section 8
(also known as “Housing Choice Voucher”). The laws are different for those

What form will I need?
You only need one form. The form is the form letter that follows these
instructions. The form notice letter begins on page 7 of this packet.

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