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Rental property
Tenant full name


In the event that non-urgent repairs or services are required, please complete this
Maintenance Request form.
In the event that urgent repairs and services are required, please contact us immediately or one
of our contractors. Refer to our Maintenances Policy document for contractor details, which was
provided to you when you moved in.

Item(s) for
Please use this space to specify the maintenance request.

To speed up the maintenance process…
If the repair / replacement requested is for an appliance, please use the space above to advise:
 whether it is gas or electric
 the make and model number of the appliance


Please tick an option below to indicate how you wish to proceed with the maintenance request:

☐ I authorise Fresh Property, its staff and contractors to the use the spare keys to gain access to
and, if required, carry out the appropriate works at the above-li