Free lease termination agreement 47Free lease termination agreement 47Free lease termination agreement 47
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This Lease Termination Agreement [Agreement], is hereby entered into by and
between the City of San Diego [City], a municipal corporation, and the San Diego Unified
School District of San Diego County, California, a political subdivision, in the State of
California [District], to be effective as of the last date evidenced by the signatures of the parties
hereto and approval by the City Attorney.

City and District entered into that certain Agreement for the Construction,

Operation, Maintenance, and Lease of Turfed Field and Recreation Facilities at Washington
Elementary School Site [Lease], on file with the Office of the San Diego City Clerk as Document

No. 00-18001, by which District leased to City certain real property [Premises], as more
fully set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto.

City and District desire to terminate and cancel the Lease and the City's tenancy

thereunder, effective as of
, 201 [Termination Date], and as of the