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THIS LEASE TERMINATION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between
THE CITY OF SAN DIEGO, a California municipal corporation ("CITY"), and SAN DIEGO
VISITOR INFORMATION CENTER, a California corporation (“LESSEE”), to be effective as
of September 30, 2010 (the “Effective Date”), when executed by the parties and approved by the
San Diego City Attorney, as follows:
A. CITY, as lessor, and LESSEE, as lessee, are parties to that certain CITY OF SAN DIEGO
PERCENTAGE LEASE (the “Lease”) dated February 15, 1995, and filed in the office of
the San Diego City Clerk as Document No. 00-18132 on January 9, 1995, whereby CITY
leased to LESSEE certain real property (the “Premises”) commonly known as the San
Diego Visitor Information Center located at 2688 East Mission Bay Drive, San Diego,
California, and more particularly described in the Lease.

Over the past few years, LESSEE’S business has declined due to competition from
internet sales and booki