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PF 75 Early Termination of Lease
© 2010 by The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc

Premises: __________________________________________
This Early Termination addendum is made this __________ day of _____________________,
20____, and is added to and amends that certain agreement by and between
____________________________________________________________ as Tenant(s) and
_____________________________________________________________as Landlord(s), which
agreement is dated __________ day of _______________________, 20____.
The parties agree that the tenants shall vacate the above listed premise on __________________.
Continued occupancy in the premises after _______________________________shall constitute
agreement to pay a holdover penalty of $_____.00 per day.
The parties agree that the lease ending date is amended to be ____________________ and that
the tenants agree to return the premises as agreed in the lease agreement, dated
It i