Free lease termination agreement 24Free lease termination agreement 24
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We, the undersigned, agree to terminate the contract and agree to the following terms:

This agreement represents a mutual termination of the Lease.
This agreement is effective on the last day of the month listed below.
The tenant and the landlord both understand that no Housing Assistance Payment will be made after
the effective date, even if the tenant remains in the unit.
Both parties understand that this mutual termination action can not be reversed without the landlord’s
written consent.
This agreement can be used to waive the required 30-day notice to terminate the lease agreement.

The contract will be terminated ____________________*

(must be the last day of the month).
*CMHA reserves the
right to cancel this notice, even if the tenant and landlord agree to break the lease, if the tenant has not been in
the unit 12 months.

Tenant’s Name (Please Print)

Landlord’s Name (Please Print)

Tenant’s Signature

Landlord’s Signature