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This Lease Termination Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Ancora
Properties ("Landlord") and _____________________________., ("Tenant").

Unit: ______________
Lease Starting______-_________-______
Lease Ending______-_________-_______

1. Termination. Both Landlord and Tenant agree that in lieu of the original expiration
date of______-_________-_______, the Lease shall terminate on ______-_________-_______
("Termination Date").
2. Mutual Release. Landlord releases, discharges and waives any claims known or
unknown, against Tenant, and Tenant releases, discharges and waives any claims, known or
unknown, against the Landlord, its successors, assigns, officers or directors, arising out of or in
anyway connected with the Lease through the date hereof.
3. Binding upon Successors and Assigns. This Agreement shall be for the benefit of and
be binding upon, the parties hereto.
4. Final Agreement. This Agreement shall constitut