Free lease termination agreement 16Free lease termination agreement 16
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This is an enforceable legal agreement. Read it before signing. Seek legal advice if you do not understand it.

Mutual Termination of Rental Agreement
This is an agreement to end a landlord-tenant relationship. Before anyone signs this agreement, all the
blanks must be filled in. It must be signed by each tenant who signed the original written rental agreement. It must also be signed by the owner of the rental property or someone who has the authority to
sign on the owner’s behalf.
On or before the effective date of this agreement, the tenant must vacate the rented premises. After
the effective date of this agreement, the tenant has no duty to pay rent and the owner may rerent the
premises. Any existing rental agreement between the parties is terminated. All of the rights, duties,
obligations and liabilities of the parties to that rental agreement are ended except that the owner may
seek recovery from the tenant(s) for damage to the rented premises over and above normal wear and