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This Lease Termination Agreement (“Termination Agreement”) is entered into by
and between ___________________________ (the “Lessor”) and ___________________________ the
(“Lessee”) on the date set forth below.
1. On ___________________, 20____ (Insert date of original lease agreement), Lessee and
Lessor entered into a lease agreement (“Lease Agreement”) whereby Lessee
agreed to lease the property located at ___________________________ (insert leased
address) (the “premises”) from Lessor. The Lease Agreement is attached hereto
and incorporated herein.
2. Pursuant to section/article/paragraph ____ (Insert relevant termination section)
of the Lease Agreement, the Lease is hereby terminated as of the date set forth
3. Lessee agrees to relinquish all right of possession to the Premises on
___________________, 20____ (“Lease Termination Date”) and remove all of Lessee’s
effects and belongings. Lessee shall insure that the Premises is in the condition
in whic