Free lease termination agreement 02Free lease termination agreement 02
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Pursuant to Title 35A, Chapter 9A

This agreement executed

, 20

between the Lessor
and Lessee

Lessee leased from Lessor the premises located at

City of

, _______________ County, State of _________, by the lease signed
, 20
. A copy of the lease agreement is attached
hereto and is made part of this agreement.
The parties desire to terminate all rights and obligations under the
attached lease.

Therefore, in consideration of the mutual agreements

made and set forth in this document, One Dollar ($1.00) and other good
and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:
The lease executed between the Lessor and Lessee is terminated and
canceled and shall be of no further force and efect.
LESSEE shall release to the Lessor the right to possession in and to the
above described premises on

, 20

and does

agree that Lessor shall be entitled to retake possession of said premises, and
does, upon that date, release and relieve Lessor from further