Free lease termination agreement 03
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The parties identified herein agree to enter into this lease termination agreement and agree that value has
been exchange in consideration of this agreement.
is a tenant (hereinafter “tenant”) of the premises located at ___________ (hereinafter
“premises”), for which he or she entered into a residential lease agreement on or about
with the landlord or
his or her manager. (Check if applicable)
(hereinafter “manager”) is landlord’s lawful agent under FS ch. 83,
pt. 2.
Representations. Tenant surrenders the premises to landlord and will remove all personal property belong
to him or her no later than the termination date stated herein. Upon the effective termination date, Tenant fully and
completely surrenders his or her lease interest in the premises as provided in this agreement and authorizes
landlord to repossess the premises. Tenant has already consulted or hereby waives any right or privilege to consult
with legal counsel before entering int