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Application for Lease Extension / Lease Renewal
Note to applicant:


Please read the following before you complete this form.
This form may take you 10 minutes to fill in.

Government Policy for Lease Extension
In general, the Government’s policy is to allow leases to expire without extension. In land scarce
Singapore, we need to recover land upon lease expiry to re-allocate it to meet fast changing
socio-economic needs. Nevertheless, the Government will consider extension of State leases on
a case-by-case basis where they are in line with planning intention and help to further specific
economic and social objectives.


To help us process your case promptly, please attach the following documents
All URA planning approvals including Provisional Permission, Written Permission and
any extensions to Provisional Permission for the proposed development on the site.
2 copies of cadastral plan and location plan each. You may purchase the plan through
INLIS at http://www.inlis.go