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Addendum to Renew or Extend Lease Agreement
This addendum is between

, (Herein known as Landlord/Agent)

(Herein known as Tenant(s) for the premises located at:
, Unit Number
, CA, Zip

in the city of


Original Lease Agreement: The Landlord and Tenant(s) entered into an original lease agreement for the
premises described above which began on the
day of
, 20
Lease Renewal: Both the Landlord and Tenant hereby agree to extend the Original Lease Agreement for a
further period of
months. The renewed lease will begin on the
day of
, 20
and end on the
day of
, 20
Terms and Conditions: By signing below, Landlord and Tenant(s) agree that all terms and conditions of
the Original Lease Agreement shall remain in full effect during the new lease renewal period except for the
following amendments:
(a) Tenant(s) agrees to pay the Landlord $
day of each month.

per month as rent due on or before the

(Attach additional sheet if needed)