Free lease renewal letter 28Free lease renewal letter 28Free lease renewal letter 28
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Automatic Renewal Lease Agreement
1110 23 rd St S
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 202-4118

___________ COUNTY )

____________________ , is between Spartan Value
____________________________________________ , the Tenant(s).

Investors, LLC, the Landlord, and

In consideration of the payment of rent and the keeping and performance of the covenants in this agreement, the Landlord
hereby agrees by lease to the Tenant(s), and the Tenant(s) hereby agrees to hire and take from the Landlord, the Leased
Premises below pursuant to the terms and conditions specified herein:

Leased Premises.
The Leased Premises are those premises described as:


Term. The initial term of this Lease shall be for a period of (1) year beginning on


and ending on ____________________ . After the initial term, this lease shall renew from year-to-year
thereafter, provided that in no event shall this lease ext