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(Renewal Letter)


Address 1
Address 2
City, State, Zip
Re: Renewal of your lease


Its been (1 year) since you leased your apartment. I/We hope you have enjoyed the last
year. As you consider the renewal of your lease, I/We hope you will not hesitate to contact
me/us if any problems, issues or concerns arise. I/We intend to be responsive to your interests
and needs. My/Our telephone # is:
, and my/our email address is
Also, I want to remind you that I/We report on our tenants through Tenant-Net, a Maine
credit reporting agency. A sample Report of Tenancy is attached. The reporting process with
Tenant-Net works like credit and bill payments: if you have a good rental history, this will help
you in the future should you look to lease a different apartment. However, a bad rental history
can make it harder for you to find future apartments. So, it’s in your long term interests to have a
successful tenancy here, and at all units where you might live.
Again, please feel