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Jeff and Karen Templin
9090 Old Church Way
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Re: Lease Renewal
A review of our current rental records shows that your lease will expire on DATE for the unit
located at 9090 Old Church Way. Currently, the rent amount for this unit is $1025. Effective
DATE, the rent will increase to $1055, per Grove City’s 3% annual increase allowance. The
increase will go to help beautify the proper and to add a new playground addition for the
Before we will extend the lease for this unit, we have a couple issues to address. First, there is a
dog that has been reported by many neighbors as a nuisance. There are no dogs allowed in our
units and this is a violation of your lease terms.
The dog needs to be removed from the property and the unit will need to be inspected before the
next lease signing period. Should there be any damages to the unit, these damages will need to
be repaired and paid in full before a new lease will be instituted.
Secondly, we are getting a gre