Free lease renewal letter 16
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{City, State, Zip}

Dear {Recipient},
This letter is to inform you that your lease at {address} that started on {date} is
set to expire on {date}, {number} days from today.
Please notify me no later than {date} if you would like to renew your lease, and
we will revisit the contract signed on {date}. Please peruse the list of changes
that will be implemented in the new lease:
 Rent will increase by {amount}. {Amount} will be due every month no
later than the {day}.
 {Change}
 {Change}
 {Change}
You may choose not to renew your lease and to instead move to a month-tomonth agreement. The aforementioned rent increase and changes will still apply.
If you do not reply to this letter, I will conclude that you will be moving out at the
end of your lease. If that is the case, your walkthrough will be {date}, and you will
be required to turn in your {property} at the front desk and depart the premises
with all of your possessions no later than {date} at {time}.