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Dear Mr. & Mrs. (Resident Names),
We just want to say thank you for being the wonderful residents and neighbors that you
are. We, the team at (Property Name), as well as your neighbors, have enjoyed you
being an important part of our community. (Property Name) is your home and we hope
that you have found it to be a happy one!
We invite you to remain our neighbor’s since residents like you make (Property Name)
the “one-of-a- kind” community that it is. As you know, your lease will expire on
(expiration date). Because decisions regarding your home and family are so important,
we would love to meet with you at your earliest possible convenience.
We would like to spend some time with you regarding the options available to you at your
lease end. Understandably, you’re a very busy person, so to make it more convenient for
you we’ve included a summary here.
For a 7 to 12 month renewal your