Free Late Rent Notice Template 28Free Late Rent Notice Template 28Free Late Rent Notice Template 28
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Sample Notices Regarding Failure to Pay

Note: This document provides samples of notices to be provided to
tenants who have failed to pay their rent. It is important for each
supportive housing provider to have all such notices reviewed by
legal counsel prior to use.
Sample Initial Notice of Failure to Pay Rent
This letter should be used to remind tenant that rent is overdue. This letter
should be delivered promptly (ideally between the 6th and 10th day of the
month) when a tenant has missed a payment, so the overdue amount is
minimized. Please note that this notice has no legal impact and is produced
as a courtesy to tenant.

Dear Tenant:
This letter is to remind you that your rent is due and payable on the 1st day
of each month, and late if paid after the 5th day of the month. To date, we
have not received your full monthly rent payment.
Please understand that failure to pay rent is the most frequent cause for
tenants to lose their housing