Free Late Rent Notice Template 21Free Late Rent Notice Template 21Free Late Rent Notice Template 21
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Notice by Landlord to Tenant to Remedy Breach
of Agreement – Unpaid Rent
Please complete this form using BLOCK LETTERS

To Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss
(insert name of tenant)

Address of


A. I give notice that you are in breach of the residential tenancy agreement that relates to the premises
referred to above on the ground that you have failed to pay rent and the rent has been in arrears for
not less than 14 days.
You must remedy the breach by paying the amount of $ _______________________________
This amount takes your rent up to and including ___ / ___ / ___
This amount has been calculated on the basis of the following terms of your tenancy agreement:1. Your obligation to pay rent commenced on
2. The current rent payable is


$ _______________ per ________________________

3. The frequency that rent is payable is ________________________________ in advance.

In accordance with section 96A of the Residential Tenancies Act 1999